Become a Gardener!

Do you want to find your green thumb? This site is about the process to learn to become a gardener. I came from having zero knowledge to as of today having a pretty good grasp on how to grow plants. To start lets go ahead and define what a gardener is. A gardener is someone who:

  • Can grow plants effectively using multiple different growing methods.
  • Can identify plant issues by looking at them and knows how to correct those issues
  • Understands basics of plant biology and biochemistry, i.e. what does a specific nutrient do for a plant
  • Understands the environmental requirements of plants and how to adjust those for optimal growth
  • Knows the uses, benefits, how to harvest and maintain the plants they grow
Follow my progress to become a master gardener and learn from my successes, and mistakes. Share your story and ideas about growing/gardening with me and others so they can become better. Whether you just want to learn to just do basic gardening or become a master gardener like me, you will find the information you need here. row yourself and others by what you learn and share!

Other Gardening Topics

On this site I will also go through whats going and interesting topics in gardening. Other topics include

  • How to use your harvest, including health benefits of the food crops
  • Automation strategies for gardening
  • Current events and topics in agriculture and how gardeners fit in the food supply chain
  • Learning tools and strategies
I can’t wait to see how you grow!



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