4  Common Questions and Facts about Microgreens

4  Common Questions and Facts about Microgreens

December 3, 2018 0 By admin

What are Microgreens?

What is a microgreen? If you have never heard of one and they sound fancy never fear it isn’t a weird as it sounds. A microgreen is simply the younger version of a plant. When talking about microgreens we are generally referencing some form of a green or herb in a very young state. In fact, the microgreen phase of the plant’s life cycle is around 10-26 days after the seeds have been sown. That is a fast turnaround!

What plants are common in growing microgreens?

This little greens of which you probably have heard of and consume in adult form:
  • Broccoli
  • Pea Shoots
  • Kale
  • Arugula
  • Red Amaranth
  • Sunflower
These are just a few popular microgreens and there are many more. Remember that microgreens are not a kind of plant but a phase of life. Pick your favorite green or herb and it is a microgreen in its early stages of life.

Why Grow Microgreens?

In my opinion the main reason is that these little guys pack a serious nutritional punch. They can have as much as 4-40 times the nutrient density of the full-sized plant! They also look very nice, have awesome flavor profiles, and are a very profitable and easy to grow crop. Microgreens at a farmer’s market can go for as much as 1.5-2 USD/ounce which equates to 24 to 32 USD/lb!

If you ever go to a fancy restaurant you may see them as garnishes on plates. Make sure to eat those awesome microgreens to get some extra nutrients. You can also buy or grow your own add them as a garnish to a plate for at home date night! You can also add some microgreens to your daily smoothie to boost the nutrient content to your smoothie. The options are endless!

How to get Microgreens?

Most health food stores will have them. I see them at Whole Foods and also some local health food grocery stores. Another source is your local farmer’s market or local farmer. While not every market has them it is a great place to get high quality microgreens and you should check it out to see if they are available. You will also be supporting a local farmer!

A second option to having your microgreens and my favorite is to grow them yourself! You can choose any gardening technique you prefer (hydroponic, conventional, aquaponic, etc.). I like to do them hydroponically and organically. That is a great way to get awesome microgreens that are high quality. They are also cheaper to make on your own than to purchase. Finally, they are a great starter crop and are very easy to learn how to grow! I am biased, but I think everyone should give a try growing them at least once. So, take the plunge and go get some microgreens!