About McCormick Growers

Where McCormick Growers began

It all began one fateful day in year of 2016. I was going through and looking at ways to side hustle money to get out of student loan debt. There are tons of options and I tried some and failed. Simply put I didn’t care about those things at all. I continued my search and it brought me to microgreens. These really easy to grow plants and the profit margin was big on them.

I also thought it was interesting growing plants and it would be a good crop for me at the time in small apartment. I got my first seeds and some hydroponic gear and got to growing in the spare bedroom of my apartment. Needless to say I failed miserably at first but eventually got the hang of it. Once I felt good about what was doing McCormick Growers was founded!

I sold briefly at a farmers market and had some success, but ran into some roadblocks when it came to the business end of things and stopped selling at the farmers market. After some reflect and a great desire to continue what was becoming a new passion of mine I decided to continue down the path of learning about growing, gardening, and how we get our food. It wasn’t enough to just do it for myself though. I feel it is such an important topic that I needed to continue my website and make it a resource for others. It became something that I was very interested in that I could see doing for the rest of my life! Thus this ever evolving website was born.

What McCormick Growers is About

McCormick Growers is about a journey to developing into a master grower and managing a home growing operation. I will share methods, tricks, tips and tools as I learn them. I will also share any set backs of which I consider learning. The model will be scale-able and doable (almost) anywhere. The eventual hope to have a new option for producing your own food that will allow you to be more self sufficient. I hope to make this a great community that can share knowledge, tips, tricks and ideas across the gardening/home growing space. Please join me in my journey to learn, share, and grow.

McCormick Growers Goals

  • Becoming a Master Grower
  • Building a home growing operation and greenhouse
  • Achieving food self sufficiency
  • Automating as much as possible via efficient, effective and diy electronics
  • Sharing all of the learning with greater public so others can replicate results if they so choose