This site is for any one who has asked any of these questions:

  • How can I be more self sufficient?
  • What do I need to know to be more self sufficient?
  • Can I grow my own food?
  • Can I grow my own food and still have a life similar to the one I have now?
  • How do I even get started?

McCormick Growers is about a journey to developing and managing a home growing operation. I will share methods, tricks, tips and tools as I learn them. I will also share any set backs of which I consider learning. The model will be scalable and doable (almost) anywhere. The eventual hope to have a new option for producing your own food that will allow you to be more self sufficient. I hope to make this a great community that can share knowledge, tips, tricks and ideas across the gardening/home growing space. Please join me in my journey to learn, share, and grow.