Book Review: The Plant Paradox

I would like to do a review of The Plant Paradox by Dr Steven Gundry. It is one of the most interesting diet books I have ever read. Dr Gundry’s book revolves around one topic, the chemical compounds known as lectins. These are compounds that plants produce to protect themselves from predators. Some of these lectins even will paralyze insects. Dr Gundry sites these compounds as the reason for inflammation and health issues. The main tenant of the book is the this:

The elimination/massive reduction of lectins in the diet. Those are in most plants and thus you can eliminate/reduce by pressure cooking or removing certain food items for you diet. One main group that was shocking to me was plants in the nightshade family which include tomatoes, eggplants, potatoes, goji berries, and many more. He also discusses wheat( gluten is a lectin), beans, peanuts and cashews as items that are lectin containing as well.

While some lectins don’t seem to cause issues the ones he outlines are sited as the problem. In addition to inflammation, he discusses another health issue called leaky gut syndrome where molecules cause holes in the intestine and that causes issues inside. Dr Gundry also speaks about the dangers of sugar consumption(including sugar from fruit!) and how it increases bad bacteria growth in your gut. The development and maintenance of a healthy microbiome is another main point Dr Gundry speaks about.

All of the diet’s foods are in place to develop your microbiome. As a quick aside the microbiome is definitely an area that is getting more attention in the health community and I would like to suggest you do your research on the microbiome. It is much more important that you realize. Dr Gundry’s diet is based on health fats and vegetables with fasting. He also has a place for meat, dairy products for Europe(due to grain feeding practices of the cows), wine, nuts, some red meat, in season fruit, fish, and finally resistant starches. He emphasizes that it isn’t about what you eat but what you dont eat. I have found this diet to be very interesting and I did have some good results.

I would definitely give this book a read but as always consult your physician and do your research prior to starting this or any diet. It is most definitely the most extreme diet I have seen but Dr Gundry seems to have sound points based on research I have done. This is the last diet book I will pull ideas from to build my diet program. Hope this helps and have a great one!

The Plant Paradox:

Book Review: Aquaponic Gardening: A Step-by-Step Guide to Raising Vegetables and Fish Together

Good Evening! Man I have been busy lately, but I wanted to take the time to talk about a book I just read. It is in the title in the header of this post and is by Sylvia Bernstein. I highly recommend this book to anyone who is interested in aquaponics. As a quick caveat, aquaponics is a growing system that utilizes fish waste to feed plants and the plant metabolism to purify the water for the fish. It is by far the coolest and best growing system that I have seen. There are many ways to do it but all are awesome in my opinion.

In the book Sylvia gives an overview of what aquaponics. She also goes through some of the other benefits globally for using this method. My favorite stat is that it takes 10% of the water that is needed when compared to traditional soil based growing. That is crazy!!! It is also very exciting b/c of the many issues facing out world today with potable water. The meat of the book is comprised of how to grow using aquaponics. She goes through various methods as well as the basics of how to maintain an aquaponic setup.Those factors include what you can grow(essentially anything with a few exceptions), the growing medium needed, types of fish that are commonly used, fish nutrition, setup needs/requirements, estimates of production, and much more!

She does an excellent job of laying out exactly how to do it. So where does that leave me? Wanting to have my own full scale aquaponics setup! I am going to be doing a small setup in my basement to see some ideas I have will work. I will be sharing this with all of you and my results! Hope you enjoy!