USDA National Nutrient Database


Tonight I wanted to do a quick post that is helping me to craft my diet plan(s). I have mentioned in an earlier post the reason for establishing a diet plan is to know what exactly I want to grow. Not only that I can establish how I need to grow as I track my diet. The purpose of all of this is self sufficiency and life style design. Using a suburban backyard to attempt grow your food is a somewhat tall task if you try to do all(or most) of what you consume. Space is at a premium. After doing some review on some original numbers I have seen various different estimates on land needs. I am continuing my research on that and will update you all. Now to the point of the post!

USDA National Nutrient Database

This database is pretty awesome. I am currently extracting all of the data I need from it. The best part is it has tons of data on the nutrition facts for each item. It also cooked and raw calculations. That is important because cooking food generally impacts the amount of nutrients in a food. Finally it gives you the UOM for each nutrient and the size of the serving. It is the most extensive system I have seen in regards to nutrient data. If you have any questions on what the nutrient make up is on a food item it seems to have it. All you need to do is to scroll down to their link that says search. Select that and type in the dialogue box what food you want to search. It will pull up the various different options for it and then select. You can view in site or you can export. I am export all my own to create my SQLite DB. I would recommend it if/when you start crafting a diet program for food research.

Database Link
Here is a link to the site USDA National Nutrient Database

Please let me know what you think about the site. Also any questions you may have.