Ebb and Flow Hydroponic Systems

There are many hydroponic systems. In this post I will be outlining the Ebb and Flow System. This system entails having a flood table, a pump, a nutrient solution reservoir, tubing and an air stone if you want to add extra O2. How it works is you connect the tubing to the pump that is placed in the reservoir. Then you connect the other end of the tubing to the flood table where the plants sit. Using a timer place the plants in the flood table so that they can receive water. Also you will need a return line to send excess water to the reservoir. You will need to gauge your plants water needs to know how to long to leave on the pump. The air stone is placed in the water to increase the dissolved oxygen in the water. Again the air stone is not 100% needed in this method and I have seen mixed reviews on the need for one using Ebb and Flow. This is the method that I use and I love it because it is very easy to clean and has minimal moving parts. Make sure to use proper sanitation techniques to prevent disease.

Happy Growing!!!