Schedule For Work

One thing I would to talk about tonight is my current schedule for making all of this happen. I am hoping to incrementally learn all I need to be an expert at growing food and greenhouses. Since this site is as much about knowledge sharing as my own personal journey to become an expert grower. I feel that it is important to share all of how I am doing it. I also feel I would be hindering anyone else who wants to do this by not sharing how I am doing it. I will make changes and adjustments as I get better/more info. I want for all of you who come onto this site to get great content and information to develop yourself. Please send me anything you would like to see. For right now I am looking to do the following:

  • Research One related Topic/wk and make 3-5 posts
  • Develop plan for the next week
  • Respond to any community comments/questions
  • Develop new forms of content to add value
  • Review Marketing and Outreach Strategy
  • Make layout for my Greenhouse

I am currently working a full time job and have a wife. So there is a balance with my side work, my family life, leisure time, my regular jobs, and exercise. So I want you all to understand that it is a lot of work but it is fun and you can do it! Just take small chunks and develop a process. Make the execution of that process your standard and except nothing less than that standard. That will push you to make it happen. I hope the best for you and hope that I can help you in your journey!