Agricultural Automation

What is the future of agriculture? There is a large network of people to feed and now some limit on resources such as water. How do we continue to grow and improve. I believe the future is automation. I know that would also be the sentiment of many others as well. We can see automation impact the rest of the world in front our eyes. It is the next frontier for agriculture.

I believe that paired with the indoor growing we will see the agricultural revolution. If you look at the desire for locally grown food and growing concerns about the preservatives used in our foods, you can see the shift in thought about agriculture and where food comes from. To get food fresh and close to the source the answer is to leverage Agri-tech and our ability to harness power. You can take what is a very complex logistical problem and turn it into a much more manageable one. Think if each major city had a large or several large greenhouses that could supply food for the whole city. And they did and could grow anything you could ever want? I believe this is possible! The limit is us only.

Machines To build

In order to start my Greenhouse build I have identified some tools/machines I would like to build to help get it done. I want to build a brick press and a 3D printer. Why do you ask I need both of these. The 3D printer will allow me to print plastic cases for electronics I want to build and I even plan to potentially augment it to be able to build the window panes for my greenhouse. The first machine I would like to build is the Open Source Ecology D3D . That is a version of a 3D printer they have developed. I believe it will be the best 1st machine as it will as I mentioned before allow me to build the housing for any electronics I make. I want to utilize cheap and great cpus and controllers as much as possible. Like the raspberry pi and the arduino. Both of which are great options when you want to make your own machines.

The other machine is the brick press which allow me to make bricks from the land in my backyard. That will will be a massive cost savings. I will be pulling the designs from Open Source Ecology to get a starting point. However I don’t have quite the money or some of the skills to do those at the rate I would like.

I am going to attempt to make some changes to materials and the design to achieve my desired outcome of having a greenhouse in the next year. Here is a link to the Open Source Ecology Liberator brick press. I believe I can make a smaller scale version of that without needing to build the power cube. I am hoping to spend less than 1000 dollars. I will obviously sacrifice some of the ability of the Liberator because to reduce cost I won’t have some of the same performance ability. I will be sharing my augmented version of this machine and the D3D on this site along with a testing video.

Happy Growing!!