Open Source Ecology

I wanted to take some time to shout out a truly revolutionary project. It is called Open Source Ecology. It was founded by Marcin Jakubowski in 2003. He and Catrina Mota have also founded the open building institute.  It is one of the most interesting and thought provoking projects I have ever seen. It is a huge inspiration to this blog site and to my projects. I  was once briefly a part of the organization but with my desire to start this site and my day job I was unable to meet the required commitments. The project is about building the frame work for opensource and easily execute able machines and building pieces so that a home can be built. He has many great tools and ideas. I would suggest his project as a first start to your building desires. He also has his own outline for a greenhouse that is 800 sq ft. That is a very good size seeing as that estimates of needed space is roughly 200-250 sq ft/person. You could feed roughly 4+ people with a greenhouse of that size depending on how the vertical space is used.  If you are truly interested in what this site is attempting to show/share and following/helping Open Source Ecology will be a no-brainer. Please take the time to view it at the following link  OPEN SOURCE ECOLOGY. Also make sure to view the wiki as well at  OSE WIKI. His ideas will be included in this site as well as others and some of my ideas as well. I hope you take the time to check out this truly wonderful project and hope it serves you like it has served me.



Happy Growing!!