Growing Bacteria

One thing I will start speaking on and sharing is growing bacteria. You might ask yourself why would I want to do that? Well if you haven’t heard of probiotics or the microbiome then I would suggest learning about them. The microbiome is the micro-environment in/on your body. It is of the up most importance that you maintain a very good microbiome. Keeping a healthy microbiome requires a healthy diet and also consuming pro and prebiotics. Learning how to create food items that have those beneficial bacteria in my opinion is the best way to get more bacteria.


Fermentation is a chemical reaction that is done by bacteria and yeasts to create alcohol via carbohydrate metabolism. Another key point is that it is done in a an anaerobic environment. That means that it is “lacking oxygen”. It is of course how beer, wine, and liquor is made. It is also how pickles, kimichi, sauerkraut and many other food items are made. I will review more about fermentation as well as some of the experiments that I am trying at home.

Growing Algae

I know that I have already done several posts about Spirulina, but there are other beneficial algae. I will investigate those and share my experience with them. I also have some great results from my Spirulina culture and will be sharing those results with everyone.

Happy Growing!!