The Epic Gardener: Kevin Espiritu

The Epic Gardener: Kevin Espiritu

October 31, 2018 0 By admin


This is the first of a blog series that I hope will provide tons of value to all of you. I am learning everyday just like the rest of you so I want to introduce to you people who have achieved great things in the growing/gardening niche. I cannot think of anyone better to start it off than Kevin Espiritu.

Who is Kevin Espiritu?

Kevin is a blogger, gardener, and former microgreen farmer among other things including being the head of marketing at Scribe(formerly known as Book in a Box). He has several projects including a blog called Thought Stack and a self named blog site Quick commercial for his personal blog site, his book review on the book Viralnomics for any of you bloggers out there was so good I want to read Viralnomics now(Book Notes: Viralnomics).

Kevin is the man behind the blog site Epic Gardening, the gardening/growing niche site that I wish I owned. Epic Gardening has reached and helped millions on various topics in gardening. It is simply an awesome site that will add tons of value to you. He has great product reviews, information on hydroponics, aquaponics, gardening, plant problems, and house plants. He also has an awesome facebook group that I myself just joined Epic Gardening Facebook Group. Finally Kevin also has his own gardening podcast where he delivers tips that are actionable for any gardener Epic Gardening I will now go through some of my favorite features of Epic Gardening.

Favorite Features Epic Gardening

Blog Post:
My favorite blog post is one on grow lights that Kevin has in his hydroponic section. He does a great job of explaining the different kind of lights you can use for growing. He also goes through some of the science behind light spectrum and light intensity which I feel are super helpful in the understanding of how indoor grow lighting impacts a crop. For anyone who has questions about grow lights check this post out Epic Gardening: Indoor Grow Lights.

Podcast Episode:
My favorite podcast episode is the his Episode on entitled Artificial Intelligence and Gardening. How goes through some of the methods used by a company called Square Roots Grow. They are a very interesting company that utilizes AI to automate gardening and glean important insights on better growing methods. The same ideas that I talk about in some of my posts in a more general sense. Because of Kevin’s podcast episode I am going to do more research on them and see what they are all about. I loved every second of the episode. I feel it is where farming is going and I am excited about seeing what the future brings. I also like Kevin’s podcast structure. He keeps his episodes to 10 minutes so you don’t get bombarded with too much information.

Product Review:
Full disclosure here my favorite product review is really more due to personal nostalgia. My favorite product review was of the book Microgreen Garden: Indoor Growers Guide to Gourmet Greens. That is for several reasons, number one microgreens continue to be one of my favorite crops because of their culinary versatility and the nutritional value they bring. They are also great starter crop and easy one to grow inside. Another reason is that microgreens were what brought me into gardening and I am so thankful I took the steps to start messing around with them. It has lead to something that I am very passionate about and interested in. Finally that book was one of the books I read when I first started out growing microgreens.

These were just a few of my favorite things about Epic Gardening, but there is a great deal more that the site has to offer. I recommend that you spend some time on the site and I believe you will find that you really enjoy it as well! The final section of this post will be Kevin’s response to a couple of quick questions.

Q&A with Kevin

What was the crop you started with?

The very first crop I ever grew was a spacemaster cucumber in a hydroponic system. A bit over eager, right? They didn’t turn out well, having pollination issues as well as being overly bitter. My brother was growing basil in containers at the time…he had a LOT more success. But even with my first crop being a failure…I was hooked on gardening.

What is your favorite style of gardening/growing?

It used to be hydroponics, but these days I’ve been diving deep into soil gardening, specifically a no-dig approach to high-density raised bed gardening. I find this minimizes effort in the garden while still producing insane yields.

Number one piece of advice to a new gardener/grower?

Observation is the #1 skill. You can pick up all of the factoids and techniques you want, but you have to plug those into a systematic framework that you understand. Only then can you start solving problems in the garden for yourself. And you can’t start building that framework unless your eyes and other senses are open. Spend time in the garden every day – no phone, no distractions. Observe what’s happening and try to figure out why.

Why do you garden/grow?  

Too many reasons to pick just one! For health, to reconnect with nature, to cultivate life, to give away to friends…there are an unlimited number of reasons that I keep growing plants!
Very interesting answers by Kevin, I love the answer to question 3 on observation. I agree that getting to the bottom of how and why things are happening is very key. Gardening is about helping something to live and thrive. I know first hand that if you miss an observation your crop can be dead quickly. I hope this was a great post for everyone, I know I enjoyed it very much. Please comment your thoughts.
If you are interested in Kevin’s site check it out here:
Epic Gardening