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Please check out the free tools that we offer. Since these are all a work in progress there will be version changes and updates to make them better. Please check back periodically for updates. Also let us know what is useful for you and if you would like any thing we are not offering.

Plant Tracker Excel File:

Gardening Products

Please check out all of our gardening products! I hope they can add value to you for whatever you are doing. I want to also disclose that I am an Amazon Affiliate. Any of these products you end up purchasing I a get small kickback. These are products that I use or have seen as a suggested use for accomplishing gardening outcomes. I have added an Amazon Search Bar so you can look up things that you may not see here but would like to purchase. Having said that enjoy!


DIY automation here you come!

Growing Media

Give your plants a place to grow!

Learning Materials

Expand your knowledge!

Growing Solutions

Feed your plants!

Grow Supplements

Supplement your feeding!


Lights and Pumps

Reservoirs and Fish Tanks

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