Gardening Products and Data Tools

Free Tools and Files

Please check out the free tools that we offer. Since these are all a work in progress there will be version changes and updates to make them better. Please check back periodically for updates. Also let us know what is useful for you and if you would like any thing we are not offering.

Plant Tracker Excel File:

Gardener Supply and Gardening Products

Please check out all of our gardening products that we market! I want to also disclose that I am an Amazon Affiliate. Any of these products you end up purchasing I a get small kickback. These are only products I have successfully used for a gardening task or project. The great thing about that is you know that they can work for you if you use them. We hope to be a useful gardener supply for you. Having said that enjoy! Also remember that 10% of all proceeds will go to to help support people in other countries!

Gardening Tools

Make sure to grab the tools you need this growing season! If you are like me and grow in all seasons then you need to have the right tools. You need shears, gloves, and other hand tools to get done the work you are doing!

Growing Solutions and Mediums

Below are the growing solutions and mediums that I use to do either hydroponics or container gardening. I also use river rocks for deep water culture, but I would suggest going to your local hardware store to buy those.

Books on Gardening

All of these books have been extremely beneficial to me in learning various things about gardening or greenhouses. If you are interested in gardening I would highly recommend each of these books for on their subject matter. I would start with Botany For Gardeners and the Urban Gardner because they probably have the most information for getting started in gardening and understanding what is going on.

Plant Pots and Containers

The key to buying pots is to make sure they are big enough for the full sized plant. Since I do a lot of microgreens and herbs smaller pots and grow trays work. Just make sure you pick one that fits your plant.

Electronics and DIY Automation

Here are some of the main electronics I use to to build automation and data tracking for my grow setups. Note that this is only those of you who are DIYers when it comes to electronics. While Arduinos and Raspberry Pis are easy to use once you know how to use them, there is still a learning curve associated with using them.

Below are two services that I honestly have used so much I feel compelled to advertise! I simply wouldn’t have the knowledge I do now in gardening without kindle unlimited and audible. Why you might ask? Because I read a ton and listen to a ton of digital content. The beauty of these two services is that they are pretty cheap. 10 USD and 15 USD per month respectively and for you readers kindle Unlimited has so many books you can read for free if you are member! Audible gives you 1 listening credit a month which is worth the price of the membership. Do yourself a favor and get both services today to have your learning enhanced!