Goal Setting and Tracking in 3 Steps

Goal Setting and Tracking in 3 Steps

January 2, 2019 0 By admin

One extremely important thing is setting and tracking goals and work. The seriousness of this depends on how serious the desire. For example your life’s work may require quite a bit of tracking and several sub-goals for a category that large. If it is just a hobby you may not do that all. For me progress and mastery is fun so I am beginning to really set and track goals for any major hobby or work progress. My desire to become a master grower and to have my own greenhouse has got me in the habit of target setting. There are several things that I would recommend for goal setting and tracking successfully.

Step1:Gardening Goal Setting

Make sure you set goals that are achievable in specified amount of time. The best advice that I have gotten is to really work in 3-6 month time frames. I got that from Tim Ferris in his book The 4-Hour Workweek: Escape 9-5, Live Anywhere, and Join the New Rich(affiliate link!). It is one of my favorite books and is one that really changed my life. He calls it dream-lining in the book. I do set longer farther out targets but I like to break those down what I think will take me to 3-6 months.

This of course takes me to the next level of breakdown. That is into weekly buckets. I like weekly buckets for my execution towards my targets and gives me flexibility but also a small enough time window to actually execute.. This allows me to track progress as I go. It allows me to gauge where I am at and make adjustments along the way. I also is fun to look back and see the progress as it goes. Progress is what we are looking for.

Specifically for Gardening Goals, you can see what I have for this year by going to the Goal Progress Hub page. All of these goals are roughly 3-6 months in size in my mind. There is a chance that some maybe longer and some maybe shorter but they are roughly there. I do have some roll over from last year that will be less than 3 months. I also have a generic one goal7 that is longer range. I will still break that down throughout this year to smaller pieces. I have done that mostly because I don’t have a roadmap set yet. I have structured my process via the graphic below. I

goal process flow
Process Flow in the Graphic

Step 2: Goal Tracking

The next part is to track your progress as you work towards a target. Once you have your goals in executable sizes, it is important to track them. The sizes of the weekly execution in my model have a set goal that will lead to achieving my goal in the 3-6 month time frame by executing the measurable weekly goal. Notice I said measurable. If there are no parameters then progress cannot be tracked. I use goal tracking spreadsheet for each item and create a measurable unit. That is available for download on the Gardening Products and Data Tools page.

Having a tool that helps will let ensure you know where you were and how you did. Be 100% honest with yourself at the end of each week. If you didn’t hit it don’t sugar coat it. It can mean that you are trying to do too much, you are not putting in the required effort to make it happen, or you need a better process for doing things. It is important to note when things are taking too little or too much time. It will allow you to adjust your goal completion time frame, decide if you need to change your approach, and get a gauge for your abilities for future goal setting. When you look at my tracker note that not all are listed because I am not doing all at the same time.

Step 3: Analyze, Complete, and Repeat

the final part to goal setting and tracking is analyzing the results and repeat the process for new goals. This is fairly self explanatory but make sure that you have an honest analysis of your process. Again don’t pull any punches, failure is apart of it. If you didn’t make it happen then adjustments need to be made. You should be doing some analysis along the way but also do a bigger scale analysis after the larger time period you gave yourself.

The hope is that you were successful and will move on to other things that you want to achieve. In that case to the structure you used and apply it to your next goals. You need to make adjustments to any portion of the process that doesn’t work. Make it your own process that works for you. The way I do it is a guideline to get you started. It took me awhile for me to refine things in a way that works for me.

For my gardening goals I am hoping to do better than I did last year and complete everything. I hope to have some form of a small greenhouse, have more gardening knowledge, and have plans done for my larger greenhouse. I have those broken into 8 separate goals.

Important Article Points:

  • Define what you want to achieve
  • Set a time frame to achieve
  • Breakdown further in to executable time frames(daily, weekly, etc)
  • Track Your Progress and growing processes
  • Make adjustments Along the Way
  • Be honest about your progress
  • Analyze at the end of the time frame
  • Repeat the process and adjust the parts that didn’t work

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