Goals Progress Hub

Page Purpose

The purpose of this page is to track all goals and their progress. On this page I will share key ideas about the process and link to pertinent blog articles and resources that will explain things deeper so that you can utilize the information better.

Lifetime Goals and Principles

Definition of goals and principles are keys to success when trying to achieve anything. You must have some direction to follow if you truly want to make something happen. You also need guiding principles that keep you on the right path day to day. They are important because they are really about more than just your goals.

Your Guiding principles are what lead you in everything you do and should be compatible with your life’s work. I go through this more in the learning library page. The lifetime goals are more on a continuous spectrum. They are things I am interested in achieving and maintaining throughout my life. In general you will want to be more specific about exact timelines but these are more life’s work type of things.

Guiding Principles

  • Be open minded and open to other ideas
  • Give max effort daily
  • Have a positive and can do attitude
  • Enjoy and live for the journey, not the destination
  • Make a positive impact on the world no matter the size
  • Become the best and I can be and compete with myself daily

McCormick Growers Lifetime Goals

  • Becoming a Master Grower
  • Building a home growing operation and greenhouse and successfully operating it
  • Achieving and food self sufficiency
  • Automating as much as possible via efficient, effective and diy electronics
  • Share all of the learning with greater public so others can replicate results if they so choose

2019 Goals

  • Goal1:Build Backyard Garden and complete 1 growing season with outdoor growing
  • Goal2:Build and test 4 different hydroponic growing methods
  • Goal3:Complete Diet Problem and get specifications for greenhouse
  • Goal4:Complete designs and cost analysis for greenhouse
  • Goal5:Build a hoop house or sunroom/growroom on the deck
  • Goal6:Complete arduino and raspberry sensors for my grow room and future grow setups
  • Goal7:Continue Learning to become a Master Grower
  • Goa8:Learn needed code for sensors and data analysis of results

Goal Progress

This section will be updated as progress continues. Below is a graphics for where I am at right now. The goals need to be organized on how they are going to be executed as well. I am terrible with trying to focus on too many things at once. Thus I find creating a goal completion plan. Normally I try to structure yearly goals so that I can complete them within 3-6 months and try to create enough to have enough for the whole year. You can also make adjustments along the way.

2019 goals
My Goal Progress as of Jan1 2019

Note that I already have some completion coming into the year. That is because there is some carryover from last year. So somethings will be pretty easy to complete while others will be more difficult. I will update this graphic each time something changes