Greenhouse Project Work 11-26-18

Greenhouse Project Work 11-26-18

November 28, 2018 0 By admin

Last Week Review:

Last week I will be honest, I didn’t do much of anything… I definitely got caught up with prepping and enjoying Thanksgiving! While I don’t find that to be inherently bad and think there are times that breaks I great, I am disappointed that I didn’t schedule it. I believe it is important to follow through on the things you set out each week. Obviously there times where things won’t get done, I believe you can create a situation where you can get everything don that you want. To do that you must right size your daily and weekly goals to fit the time you have and how much time you are willing to invest. Next time I will make sure to schedule down holiday time so that I can truly enjoy it. Because of this I will be repeating last week’s goals.

Greenhouse Project Work 11-26-18 Schedule

Monday: Look into growing full sized mizuna.
Tuesday: Continue to design greenhouse/sun room.
Wednesday: Continue design greenhouse/sun room.
Thursday: Work on designing progress tracker
Friday: OFF
Saturday/Sunday: Work on designing progress tracker, and also resume work on the diet problem.

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