Greenhouse Project Work 12-10-18

Greenhouse Project Work 12-10-18

December 12, 2018 0 By admin

Last Week Review:

Last week was a great week for my greenhouse project work. I was able to get done my basic structure in for the greenhouse in the open source software Freecad. I also built my first deep water culture bin! That was really exciting because it was something I wanted to do for awhile. I will use that for the Carolina Reaper plants I am growing. Finally I reviewed the diet problem and got my self up to speed. I have the optimizer ready I just need to build out the initial data. Once I have that it will be ready to go and solve the problem!

Greenhouse Project Work 12-10-18 Schedule

Monday: Finish Deep Water Culture setup
Tuesday: Diet problem initial data work
Wednesday: Diet problem initial data work
Thursday: Diet problem initial data work
Friday: OFF
Saturday/Sunday: Attempt to complete the diet problem initial data and run the model.
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