Greenhouse Project Work 12-17-18

Greenhouse Project Work 12-17-18

December 17, 2018 0 By admin

Last Week Review:

Last week was another great week for my greenhouse work. I got some new LED Lights that I am using in my grow tent. I also go to spend some more time on the diet problem. I am currently at the data cleaning and file building stage. I have a methodology for building the file required for the optimizer so that should save me quite a bit of time. I also took some time to explore wick hydroponic systems for some of my plants. I want to experiment with them to see how they work and if they can give me any results for what I am doing. Finally I completed all of my setup for the deep water culture bin I have. So far things are going great there and I am seeing some growth.

Important Content Last Week:

DIY Deep Water Culture

Greenhouse Project Work 12-17-18 Schedule

Monday:Diet problem initial data work
Tuesday: Diet problem initial data work
Wednesday: Diet problem initial data work
Thursday: Diet problem initial data work
Friday: OFF
Saturday/Sunday: Attempt to complete the diet problem initial data and run the model.
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