Inspiration For Home Growing

Inspiration For Home Growing

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Why Start Growing Your Own Food?

One of my biggest inspirations for home gardening is my personal desire to provide for myself and my family quality food products. I believe knowing how to grow food and having my own growing operation at home is a key to true freedom. Think if you didn’t have to go to the grocery store ever again? How would it feel to be able to go out to your backyard and being able to get your own food? To me that would be awesome. Food is one of the main reasons for working, but what if you took care of it yourself at home? That would be so freeing to do so!

It also is enjoyable work that you can make easier with modern technology. I have a true belief that any normal person can have their own growing operation. I also believe that if learning correctly will provide a person with the best quality food they can find.

One of the reasons we lose quality today is that the food industry is trying to meet a large demand, while managing food spoilage and doing all of that to make a profit. That can lead to less than desirable results at times. If each person had their own food or at least most of it, it would help improve the nutrition for all! My hope is that the movement to grow your own food grows(no pun intended). I hope to show that with the use of cheap and accessible modern technology I can show how achievable it can be.I want to share this with all people and also want to be one answer but not every answer.

Challenges of Home Growing

In addition to the inspiration for home growing there are also many challenges. To list a few.

  • Seed Supply
  • Land Availability
  • Growing Method Selection and Maintenance
  • Weather and Environmental Management
  • Shrinkage/Loss of plants
  • Pest and Disease Management
  • Water Supply
  • Food Storgae
  • Harvest Time
  • Soil and Fertilizer Quality

These are just a some of the challenges. There are more that I couldn’t think of that are challenges as well. Because of all these things it is completely necessary to have inspiration to start a home gardening operation. Without it you will almost certainly not succeed. You must have a compelling enough why to do something especially something of this scale.

Extra Inspiration

One final piece of inspiration I have is solving/unlocking a way to have a home growing operation that is cheap, easy to start, and easy to manage will move us forward in society. I truly believe we can increase the quality of life of others across the world with home gardening. Technology has afforded us many luxuries today and I believe one of those should be is food source management. I envision a world where everyone grows some or all of their own food and work together with their communities and business to supply high quality food to all!

How to find your inspiration

Finding inspiration to do something is based on answering questions for yourself. In terms of home growing, I have asked some of the questions above that I think about with home gardening. You can be even more general and ask Why do I care or What will this do for me? The most important question maybe how will this make me feel? If the answers to these questions are not very compelling then overtime you simply will not continue.

The key is to answer important questions honestly and accurately for yourself. If you looking at home growing and ask questions about doing it and the answers are boring to you. They don’t make you want to plan and execute things, then it may not be for you. That is alright though because we all have likes and dislikes. If you answer those questions and there is some desire but maybe just a small garden that is great too! Again honesty with yourself is a key.

Don’t lie to yourself it just leads to wasted time and energy. Find your passion and execute! If you have a small goal you only need to have small amounts of motivation, but if you have a huge audacious goal you must have huge amounts of motivation and inspiration. You must have enough to get through big challenges and issues that you will face.

Find your inspiration

I am so pleased to have you here and hope that home growing is something you are interested in. Home gardening is something I truly enjoy it and I am very interested in it as maybe can tell. I associate many positives to it and think it is very important. Ask yourself the questions required to find your true interests and desires. It is what will drive you to the highest levels of success and fulfillment in your life. If you share an interest home growing like I do, I invite you to join me and share your journey with all. I hope to serve you and look forward to what the future brings!

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