Thinking in Systems

Thinking in Systems

October 22, 2018 0 By admin


Today just wanted to spend quick time to discuss an important idea that has reach past growing your own food and is the crux of this blog. That is a way to think about executing things in life. That is of course by thinking in systems. I will tailor it to growing in a subsequent post but will also share general ideas.

Developing a Systematic Way of Doing Something

When I speak of thinking in systems really what is meant is identifying the keep parts of how it works and how they relate or impact each other. Once you understand the various structures and how they relate to each other you can make conclusions on how to handle the various occurrences when trying to manage a situation involving those things. That gives you a framework for the set of possible inputs and outputs that can happen in a given endeavor and how to deal with each. This is powerful because it gives a way to layout a roadmap for success.

That roadmap is the system we build to manage the situation. Systems of management give you a way to make decisions quickly and effectively in a time of need. For the most part in my experience I have found that people do a poor job in a time of crisis at responding to things they don’t know or haven’t thought about yet. If you have already have a system of execution planned out then you can simply apply your solution to a given problem. If the problem is one that you have never seen or anticipated if you already have a system you at least have a starting point of potential things to try.

One feature of any system is a feedback mechanism that informs and collects data as solutions are applied to problems. That allows for try evaluation of the effectiveness of a given solution. Of course if the solution isn’t working to the desired level it must be tweaked or changed. The last piece of the system has been mentioned it is the evaluation mechanism with the data.

There must be a good way of evaluating all of the outputs from the system itself. As I mentioned above changes need to be made for solutions/inputs that don’t work and the ones that do work need to stay the same. The evaluation module should also have a way of forecasting feature issues and/or drawing some conclusions for outcomes that may not be know if possible.

Why Think and Work in Systems

Building and thinking systems allows you to develop a more scientific process for doing something. What is the benefit of a more scientific process? The key feature is repeatability and replication of inputs to achieve a desired output. So the best systems maximize the number of times a desired outcome happens in a way that is easy to execute. In my opinion that presupposes understanding the system you have built.

Your system will give you the freedom to draw real conclusions. It will also give you the ability to control your outcomes and maximize execution. It speeds up your ability to do things because you already have the answers. The next level is to use computers and hardware to make your system even more automated.


Thinking and working in systems gives you a solid framework for making decisions and executing things in your life. It looks at the underpinnings of how things work and how to get results you want. It requires initial and continued discipline, but delivers results, time freedom, and outcomes! Look for my post on growing systems!