Work Roadmap wk of 12/3/18

Last Week Review:

Last week went a lot better than the prior week. I was able to get some things done! I built a very basic tracking file as described in the plant tracker post. I also got my research done on mizuna. I am hoping to start building a guide for growing for myself that I can use as a reference. I was not able to get as much done on the design of the greenhouse because I was busy messing around with the design software. I will continue that work this week. I did get a chance to get back up to speed on the diet problem where I left off.

Monday:Work on the diet problem more.
Tuesday:Work on the diet problem more.
Wednesday: Work on the diet problem more.
Thursday: Continue to design greenhouse/sun room.
Friday: OFF
Saturday/Sunday:Continue to design greenhouse/sun room and pick another plant to research.

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